Emotion to 3000!

Winning such a prestigious award, do it with the work you love, win it with your old friends. Fantastic award and travel with which we could visit 5 countries, from Australia to Indonesia and Japan, passing through the fantastic island of Bali. #agrilifechannel #piccolagrandeitalia #familyfarming…

Confidently to London

From the #unboundLND  stage to present the www.confidently.info project. Starting a new exciting adventure designed and developed in BroxLab, a business network created from below, without laces and snares but with the only desire to share passions and experiences. #startup#innovation #blockchain #fakenews #ico con Effe Perone by BroxLab- Unioni Competitive#NoFakeBeTrust #broxlab

The Museum of Ineptitude

There is a real “pearl” in Basilicata, in the northern part, surrounded by the thick vegetation of Monte Vulture. In this article by Armando Lostaglio tells how 40 years of nefarious choices and “non-choices” have destroyed this little gem from Basilicata. THE ARTICLE