One october morning, strangely sunny, is the inspiration for Lucan entrepreneurs, to dialogue, in a private meeting, with the Minister of Economic Development and Labor, Luigi Di Maio.

The opportunity is delicious. It’s very difficult for the small business in Basilicata to be able to speak directly with a Minister of the Italian Republic, and what a minister then! Incredibly the Minister of Economic Development!

1st novelty: the CDO

The Minister chooses, and probably is no accident, to speak to the entrepreneurs of the newly formed Lucan Association of the Compagnia delle Opere (CDO), rather than in the “sacred temple” of Confindustria. It will be for the sword attacks that the national President Boccia launches in these days to the economic and social policies of the government 5Stelle -Lega, or for the clear involvement of the “big guys” Confindustria Basilicata with oil business and the world “turbid” “waste management (also of oil origin) but so is: the Minister snub Confindustria and chooses the CDO.

2nd and 3rd reasons: punctuality and values

Di Maio arrives on time (and this is the second novelty) and immediately points, at the request of the President of the CDO Basilicata, Francesco Perone, to the crux of the problems: bureaucracy, infrastructure, public administration, management of European funds for development, taxation. The themes are those dear to the CDO where entrepreneurs feel like friends, where the values ​​of the person are at the center of their companies and for which Minister Di Maio provides excellent assists, illustrating future Government actions that will tend to favor investments, especially those that focus on young people and on green economies.

4 ^ surprise: desire to risk

But what is surprising in Di Maio, in my opinion, is the attitude and desire to risk, to aim, without ifs and buts, on the measures that the Government thinks are the right recipes to revive Italy, and to remedy social injustice to them feel perpetuated in all these years by the past Italian governments: income of citizenship, fiscal peace, overcoming the law Fornero, etc. Without going into the merits of such measures, without a doubt these are “extraordinary” measures in the most genuine sense of the term and on this trail, I asked, in my speech, to continue to dare, to give a shock that awakens and gives energy and desire to do business.

5th novelty: young thought

Another good news was the mastery of the Minister on the most felt and warm issues on which the next future of the world economies will be played: blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G network, etc. All themes on which the young minister does not seem at all a naive, indeed.

6th reason: listening

The interventions of the entrepreneurs of the CDO of Basilicata are the story of their experiences. Ours is an operative friendship of sharing and enrichment. Stories that tell how you can do business, you can innovate in a region flattened on the events of the oil rather than giants such as Fiat. In my speech I have the opportunity to tell the Minister the entrepreneurial experience with which we have created an innovative Recycling System that rewards virtuous citizens and allows the municipal administration to save respecting for the environment, combining ancient knowledge with the innovation of circular economy and the blockchain. During the debate, the Minister Di Maio has never stopped taking notes, interacting and responding concretely to all the entrepreneurs and professionals who have taken the floor; a clear signal of attention and awareness of the role it plays.