Italians used as always to criticize each and every thing. And this is what it seems to me is happening for this government and for our Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, regarding the management of the Coronavirus crisis.

Without showing off statistics but reading any more or less decent newspaper, blog or post on social media, it is clear that this crisis does not seem to me to have been handled better in other countries, except in “special” situations such as China for example. In the US, Trump mismanagement will probably (but this is not necessarily true) cost him, along with many other “nonsense” combined in his first (and possibly last) 4 years of presidency, re-election.

France, Spain, England and Germany itself are floundering between a number of infections clearly higher than the Italian ones and an economy that, consequently, is struggling even more. Probably, it shouldn’t be difficult to say that, this time around, Italy fared much, much better than many other countries. Of course, mistakes have been made, see for example the underestimation of the danger of the virus in the months of January and February of this year or the many discussed benches with wheels. But otherwise, it is unanimous that our country, as a whole, has got away with it and continues to do well.

Of course, for many, Conte is the real problem of these months and not the Coronavirus. After all, a “visible” enemy must always be identified. But never to admit that if all of us were more respectful of the rules and of our neighbors, the contagion curve would probably not have exploded again. But anyway, the national sport of “criticism” never dies.

PS: I still liked Conte on Sunday at lunchtime on live TV.