]All BweB productions are characterized by a strong relationship sith the territory. We do not believe in a globalized world and we do not believe that progress, new technologies, want and must destroy diversity. Italy is full of these differences and that is why with Piccola Grande Italia, Sacra Linfa, Grand Tour and many other productions, we will continue to tell you, from North to South of a fantastic Italy.

Sapori Dimenticati is the television series that promotes products unknown to the general public or disappeared from our tables, and which will bring viewers to discover the great enogastronomic heritage of Italian culinary tradition, made of history, culture, traditions.

Unique dishes for flavor and genuineness

The search for traditional and little-known flavors is the style that characterizes each episode.

On the shores of the Lakes of Monticchio, expert and expert hands tell of forgotten flavors.

Monticchio’s herbs: the episode the episode