“The stupidity of mankind”

This is the sad lesson of this new pandemic wave. We don’t know how to live without someone telling us what to do. We need a tribal chief, someone who tells us: this is good and this is bad, this can be done and this not. The 10 commandments are no longer sufficient, or rather, they have not been for centuries, otherwise what need was there to provide for laws, norms, rules.

So, do we know how to survive without a Decree Law?

It seems so not! Let’s take China for example. There, the post-first-wave-pandemic situation looks like roses and flowers. In fact, zero infections, no obligation to mask or social distancing. A dear friend who has lived there for years, happily posts photos of parties with friends on Facebook as we “did” just a couple of months ago. Of course, in China everything is under control, the State “enters” everywhere and, thanks to new technologies, constantly monitors all social networks, streets, public places. In addition to this, those who fail pay high bills.

But, then, do we necessarily need a dictator? Better the freedom to bullshit and “self-destruct” or the meticulous and intrusive control?

It would seem that freedom is not renounced, without ifs and buts. Man is able to control himself, to self-determine and to use his head to understand when a situation is dangerous, and to pay attention. But obviously it is not. Even in these days, all the “careless” behaviors of those who do not want to give up anything, of those who stand as a great virologist just to justify the “meal” and the party with families and friends, are under the eyes of all. The Titanic sinks but they still continue to dance.

Spirit of human survival is not enough, not even a simple Decree Law.

History teaches us: we need laws (read Decree Law), we need (severe) penalties and (perhaps) give up even a little of our freedom … SIGH!